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Game 33 WPA: Finally. Nats 3, DET 1.

J-Z works his "P2C" majik, Harp gets back to racking up steaks, and the bullpen is only slightly interesting. If this is a preview of things to come, I'll take it.


  • I bought the shirt, P2K is better: Jordan Zimmermann (+27.1%, -11.1% hitting) strikes out 7 and walks 2 in 7 IP, giving up a single ER. At the plate, he's 0-2 with 4 LOB.
  • Healing? Bryce Harper (+13.4%) is 1-3 with a game-tying sac fly (+2.8%) and a fifth-inning, two-out solo shot to tack on (+12.0%).
  • Start the calliope: Kurt Suzuki (+10.4%) demonstrates a flaw in WPA by getting credit for the go-ahead run on a sac fly+error in the fourth (+8.2%).
  • Still my fave: Denard Span (+7.1%) triples to lead off the 3rd (+11.7%).
  • Interesting: Tyler Clippard (+6.8%) has a shutdown in the aeyth, despite walking two.
  • Soul-eating: Rafael Soriano (+6.7%) throws a clean 9th for a shutdown and a save.