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Washington Nationals vs Colorado Rockies: Series Preview Q&A Via Purple Row

The Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies start a three-game set in Coors Field tonight where Dan Haren will take on the Rockies' right-hander Jhoulys Chacin. The Nationals are coming off back-to-back wins over the Minnesota Twins on Sunday and looking to make it three straight. A preview Q&A is included below...

Justin Edmonds

[ed. note - "As a preview for the series between the Colorado Rockies (34-30) and Washington Nationals (31-31), which starts tonight at 8:40 pm EDT with Dan Haren taking on Jhoulys Chacin in Coors Field, Purple Row's Bryan Kilpatrick and Federal Baseball's Jared Book exchanged email Q&As as a way to get to know each of the teams a little better.

It will be the first series of the year between the second-place teams in the NL East and West. There's one question and answer included below and then a link to the entire Q&A over at Purple Row. Jared's preview, which includes the other half of the exchange will be posted on Federal Baseball shortly..." ]:

Bryan Kilpatrick, Purple Row: "Jordan Zimmermann is awesome. He never allows walks or hits, but he also doesn't strike out many batters. What's the secret to his success?"

Jared Book, Federal Baseball: "Zimmermann is the only Nationals starting pitcher to really build on his success last year except for maybe Ross Detwiler, who is currently on his way back from injury. Zimmermann has really improved his control. His walks are down from last year and he is allowing a lot less solid contact from hitters. Ground balls are up, which is a sign of him being on his game, and infield pop ups are up while fly balls are down. He doesn't need to strike out players to succeed because the contact he's been allowing has been so weak. It also allows him to go deeper into games which has been necessary, especially his start in the first half of the doubleheader on Sunday."

• Click HERE to read the Q&A over at Purple Row, the SB Nation's Rockies site, or you can get there through the link below: