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Washington Nationals Reportedly Sign 2013 6th Round Pick Cody Gunter And 7th Round Pick James Yezzo According To Baseball America's Jim Callis

Baseball America's Jim Callis reported on Twitter today that the Washington Nationals had signed both 6th Round pick Cody Gunter and 7th Round pick James Yezzo to bonuses which, if they are correct, are both slightly above the slot recommendations for their respective spots in the draft.

Rob Carr

The top pick of their 2013 Draft class signed a day after the Draft. Jake Johansen agreed to what was, according to the pitcher who said he signed right on slot, an $820,000 signing bonus. According to Baseball America's Jim Callis, the Washington Nationals have signed two more of their 2013 Draft picks:

Assuming those numbers are accurate, and with Mr. Callis there's no reason not to, Gunter's deal is slightly above slot with the recommended bonus for the Nats' sixth round pick $160,100 according to The same with Yezzo, whose slot recommendation was $149,500.

When Nationals' Asst. GM Roy Clark and scouting director Kris Kline spoke to reporters after the second day of the draft, they said they anticipated most of their draft picks would sign. "I think it will probably go pretty smooth here," Kline explained, "The new CBA rules and the way the draft is designed now, it's created a simpler process for us to get these kids signed, so it's something we definitely asked them prior to taking the player, and like I said, it's a much easier, smoother transition than in the past."

As for Mr. Callis' comment about scouts liking Cody Gunter as a pitcher, though some talent evaluators did say they liked him as a pitcher/closer, the Nationals said they see him as an infielder. "He's got a good arm, I think he came in and closed a few games out," Mr. Kline said, "He's been up to like 93-94 [mph] on the mound, but that's not what we see him as."

Here's what the Nationals' Scouting Director had to say about the two picks immediately after they were selected:

Kline on Cody Gunter:

"We got to see him play a couple games. He's a third baseman by trade. He played right field both games that I saw. He can really, really throw. So we're going to send him out as a third baseman. He's got a good approach, he's got power. He's got that major league swagger. Very confident aura about him on the field that he makes present. And he's got some good tools. Not a runner, but he'll end up playing third or right field as a big leaguer."

Kline on James Yezzo:

"This is a very, very good looking hitter. Very efficient, polished approach. Very strong, physical, but under control. Short stroke, very hands-y. He looks a lot like Yonder Alonso. I don't know if you guys remember, Erubiel Durazo? A little bit of Laynce Nix. Just combine those three, that's kind of what you're looking at. He's a first baseman, that's where he's going to play, where I think he can be adequate, maybe a little bit better with a lot of work. A left-handed bat with a swing that builts to hit for average and power."

Note: According to Baseball America's Draft Database, the Nationals have also signed 8th Round pick David Napoli (LHP); 9th Round pick Jake Joyce (LHP) and 10th Round pick Brennan Middleton (SS).