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Game 66 WPA: The Nats are bad at hitting. Nats 1, CLE 2

Can't blame Gio or even Abad. It's hard to win a game on 2 hits and 13 Ks, even with 4 walks.

Time to grow your goatee out again, Davey.
Time to grow your goatee out again, Davey.
Jason Miller


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • One mistake: Gio Gonzalez (+30.3%) fans 8 and walks 4 in 7 IP, giving up 1 ER on a solo shot.
  • Clutch? Kurt Suzuki (+8.0%) is 0-2 with a walk, scoring on a WP in the 3rd to give the Nats a brief lead (+9.0%).
  • Interesting: Tyler Clippard (+10.5%) loads the bases in the aeyth, but gets out of the inning without allowing a run to earn a shutdown.
  • Punchless: Ryan Zimmerman (-13.3%), Jayson Werth (-11.3%), and Adam LaRoche (-17.0%) go a collective 1-12 with 6 LOB.
  • Less to blame that it seems: Fernando Abad (-36.6%) gets runners 2nd/3rd with one out before giving up the losing run on a close play at the plate (-15.8%). The Nats should have been ahead at that point.