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Washington Nationals Sign 2013 3rd Round Pick Drew Ward According To Baseball America's Jim Callis

According to Baseball America, the Washington Nationals have now inked their seven of their top nine picks from the 2013 MLB First-Year Player Draft. This afternoon, BA's Jim Callis reported on Twitter that the Nats signed 3rd Round pick Drew Ward for $850K.


According to Baseball America's Jim Callis the Washington Nationals have agreed on a deal with another 2013 MLB Draft pick:

"We took three, what we consider, big-time power bats," Roy Clark added, "And of course [Ward] is one of them." - Roy Clark on Nats' 3rd Round pick Drew Ward

If that $850K dollar figure is correct, it's way over slot for the 105th pick. According to, the recommended bonus for that slot was $491,200. Ward, as noted in Mr. Callis' tweet, had a commitment to Oklahoma University. When he was drafted,'s Jonathan Mayo said the 17-year-old infielder had "potential big-time power" though it was hard to judge based on the competition he'd faced. As the Nationals noted on Twitter after selecting Ward, he was in Baseball America's Top 100 before the Draft:

• via Baseball America on Youtube:

Here's what Nats' Asst. GM Roy Clark and scouting director Kris Kline had to say about Drew Ward after they selected him out of high school in Oklahoma with the 105th overall pick:

"We've been tracking [Ward] since last summer," Nationals' Asst. GM Roy Clark said, "once we heard that he might be coming out early. We saw him a bunch, and of course we tracked him this year. He's from a small town, little small town, but he played for a high profile team in summer ball, so we got a lot of looks on him, but we knew that he might be coming out early."

"We took three, what we consider, big-time power bats," Clark added, "And of course [Ward] is one of them."

"Drew's going to move from short to third base," Kris Kline said, "And he's got a plus arm, he's got good action. Good hands. He's not a runner, but he's a left-handed bat with a really good advanced approach. And he's got power from the left side, so he definitely profiles as a corner-type player."