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Game 68 WPA: Unwatchable FAIL. Nats 0, CLE 2

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"Here, Nats, why don't you have some runs?" "No, thanks, we'd rather lose!"

Look at the FAIL. LOOK AT IT!!
Look at the FAIL. LOOK AT IT!!


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Not quite ready: Stephen Strasburg (+11.3%) manages a positive WPA despite giving up a run on 4 walks (one of which scored), 4 Ks, and one hit over 5 IP.
  • Major league FAIL: The Nats have runners 1st/3rd with no outs twice. In the 4th, they take advantage by striking out 3 times in row (-21.3%), while in the 6th it's a K followed by a GDP (-28.7%).
  • Any other hitters on this team? Anthony Rendon (+15.4%) is 3-4 with a double. Too bad no one was on base in the front of him or hit behind him.
  • Some purveyors of FAIL: Adam LaRoche (-33.0%) is 0-4, squelching the 6th-inning rally on a GDP (-18.9%). Ryan Zimmerman (-4.8%) Ks to set up ALR's inning-ender (-9.8%).
  • False hope: Steve Lombardozzi (+10.2%) gets a bunt hit to load the bases with no outs in the 7th (+13.6%).
  • Unbelievable FAIL: Jhonatan Solano (-33.7%) lines into a double play to stanch the 7th-inning rally (-29.0%). Roger Bernadina (-15.0%) grounding out to end the inning is almost an anti-climax (-11.8%).
  • Blah, blah: Jayson Werth (+12.4%) is 2-3 with a walk, not like it made any difference.