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Washington Nationals' Tuesday Night Lineup In CBP vs Cliff Lee And The Phillies

The Washington Nationals look to bounce back from a tough loss last night in the second game of three vs the Philadelphia Phillies in Citizens Bank Park. The Nats will have to get a strong start from Ross Detwiler, however, and they'll have to beat Cliff Lee.


The Washington Nationals haven't faced Philadelphia Phillies' lefty Cliff Lee yet in 2013. In his career, the 34-year-old, 12-year veteran has a (5-3) record, a 2.51 ERA, eight walks (1.26 BB/9), 57 Ks (8.95 K/9) and a 1.13 WHIP in eight starts and 57.1 IP against the Nats. Last year, the Philly left-hander was (2-1) in three starts against the Phillies' NL East division rivals with a 1.80 ERA, 1 walk (0.45 BB/9) and 19 Ks (8.55 K/9) in 20 innings pitches against the Nationals. The last time Lee faced Washington in Citizens Bank Park, on August 26, 2012, he held the Nats' hitters to one run on seven hits in a 4-1 Phillies' win.

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At home in CBP this season, Lee's got an ERA (3.82, with a 3.00 FIP) just about two runs higher than it is on the road (1.88, 2.21 FIP). In five starts in Philadelphia, Lee's (2-1) with four home runs (1.02 HR/9) allowed, six walks (1.53 BB/9) surrendered and 36 Ks (9.17 K/9) recorded in 35.1 IP.

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The Nationals, however, have not hit left-handers well at all in 2013. Not to, as Professor G.H. Dorr would say, "flog a horse that if not dead is at this point in mortal danger of expiring," but after 69 games, the Nationals' .214/.283/.330 line vs left-handers has them 14th in AVG and OBP and 15th in SLG amongst National League teams. How do the Phillies hit lefties you ask? Philadelphia's hitters have a .243/.311/.406 line vs LHP, good for 8th in AVG and OBP and third overall in the NL in SLG.

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Against Detwiler? The Washington Nationals' 27-year-old, '07 1st Round pick has a (2-4) record, a 4.24 ERA, six home runs (1.34 HR/9) and 14 walks (3.12 BB/9) allowed with 22 Ks (4.91 K/9) collected and a 1.31 WHIP in eight games, seven starts and 40.1 IP against the Phillies over the course of his career.

Here's the lineup that will back Detwiler up and take on Cliff Lee tonight in Citizens Bank Park if the rain stops long enough for the two teams to play the second game of three for the Nats in CBP:

7:05 pm EDT...