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Game 70 WPA: All aboard the FAIL train! Nats 2, FF 4

Well, at least they were legitimately out-hit and out-pitched, as opposed to out-BABIPed and out-sequenced.

Hey, look, it's a Nats road trip!
Hey, look, it's a Nats road trip!
ce "Railroad wreck." Library of Congress, call number LC-F8- 19398[P&P].


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Not boss: Ross Detwiler (-20.4%) fans 4 and walks none in 6 IP, but coughs up 4 ER.
  • Lonely offense: Jayson Werth (+6.2%) hits a solo shot in the 4th for a brief Nats' lead (+14.0%).
  • More (?!) lonely offense: Jeff Kobernus (+4.8%) provides absolutely no help with a pinch-hit, aeyth-inning solo shot.
  • Useless: Ian Desmond (-8.5%), Ryan Zimmerman (-8.4%) and Denard Span (-8.9%) are 1-12 with 4 Ks and 3 LOB.