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Washington Nationals Sign 2013 4th Round Pick Nicholas Pivetta According To Baseball America's Jim Callis

Baseball America's Jim Callis reported on Twitter today that the Washington Nationals signed 4th Round pick, pitcher Nicholas Pivetta, giving them deals with each of the picks from the first 10 Rounds of this month's draft. Nats' scouting director Kris Kline had a lot to say about the Victoria, British Columbia-born right-hander after they drafted him.

Win McNamee

"You guys are going to like this kid," Washington Nationals' scouting director Kris Kline told reporters after the Nats selected 6'5'' right-hander Nicholas Pivetta out of New Mexico Junior College with the 136th pick in the 4th Round of the 2013 MLB Draft. "Very good delivery. [Junior college] kid so he's young, he just turned 20 I believe. Saw him a couple of times this year. Looking at 89-95 with, like I said, a really good delivery and a plus breaking ball. It's a curve ball, it's not a spike, it's a conventional-grip curve ball. This kid to me is a [no.3] starter with the potential to be higher just because he has so much upside. He's got a very good feel for his changeup."

"This kid to me is a [no.3] starter with the potential to be higher just because he has so much upside." - Kris Kline on Nats' 4th Round pick Nic Pivetta

"He hasn't quite filled out yet," Kline continued, "He's a strike thrower, so he's going to learn how to pitch [and] there's not a lot of tweaking involved with this kid's delivery, he's pretty clean as is, so it should be a pretty good transition into the minor leagues."

According to Baseball America's Jim Callis, the Nationals have signed Pivetta, giving them deals with their top nine picks from this month's draft:

The $346,300 figure noted is exactly on slot for a pitcher the Nationals described in their press release on this year's draft class as, " of the top junior college arms in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft."

The Victoria, British Columbia-born pitcher went, "... 9-2 with a 3.36 ERA over 13 starts in 2013," and, "... tossed six complete games and posted a .235 batting average against."

After Pivetta's selection, we received an email from the Canadian Baseball Network, which provided the following information on Pivetta:

"Pivetta Perfect Game's 8th best JUCO prospect" - Allan Simpson, Canadian Baseball Network

"Video Scouting Report - Nick Pivetta" - Liam McGuire, Canadian Baseball Network

"Pivetta, O'Neill best Perfect Game Canucks" - Allan Simpson, Canadian Baseball Network

"O'Neill, Pivetta, Quantrill raising Arizona" - Bob Elliot, Canadian Baseball Network

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