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Game 73 WPA: Ian. Franking. Desmond. Nats 2, Rox 1

Stras pitched pretty darned excellently, but Desi continued his quest to prove that clutch exists.

"RAAAAAAAR! I EETZ UR FAEC!!" (Not an actual quote.)
"RAAAAAAAR! I EETZ UR FAEC!!" (Not an actual quote.)
Greg Fiume


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Back: Stephen Strasburg (+25.0%) strikes out 9 and walks none in 7 IP, allowing only 1 ER on a HBP who comes around to score.
  • Classic: Ryan Zimmerman (+17.8%) blasts a game-tying RBI double into the RF corner in the 6th (+21.9%).
  • #EatFace: Ian Desmond (+16.6%) bashes a go-ahead, opposite-field solo shot in the 7th for the game-winning run (+21.6%).
  • #NoDrama: Drew Storen (+11.5%) gets a shutdown with a scoreless aeyth, with 2 Ks and a walk.
  • #Untuck: Rafael Soriano (+15.2%) gives up a 9th-inning hit, but fans one and holds the lead.