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Game 76 WPA: Runs for Gio? From my Nats? Nats 7, AZ 5

Gio has another decent outing, and this time the bats come through for him, despite some errors and bullpen "interestingness."

2012 Jordan ZImmermann not shown here.
2012 Jordan ZImmermann not shown here.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • What is this run support I don't even? Gio Gonzalez (+18.5%) fans 4 and walks 1 in 6.1 IP, giving up only 2 ER (one cashed in by a reliever). This time it's actually even for a curly W.
  • More than a fielding: Denard Span (+15.4%) is 1-5 with an RBI single for the first of many 3rd-inning runs (+10.3%), as well as a two-out, run-scoring ROE in the aeyth for some crucially heartburn-reducing insurance (+3.3%).
  • Yeah, yeah, I'll get to the apology article Real Soon™: Adam LaRoche (+9.0%) is 3-4 with a graceful, effortless fly out to the track in left center in the 3rd that somehow majestically floats over the bullpen wall for a three-run dinger (+11.5%).
  • I thought the Super Moon was yesterday: Jayson Werth (+9.8%) is 2-2 with 2 walks, a double, and a RBI single in the 3rd (+6.8%).
  • Interesting, but not WPA-wise: The bullpen goes 2.2 IP, collectively giving up 5 hits, a walk, and 2 ER (plus an inherited runner and an unearned run), while fanning 1, for a total of +1.5% WPA. Ian Desmond (-3.3%) knocks in the game-winning tally with a 5th-inning sac fly worth 0.0% WPA!