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Game 61 WPA: Clowns exorcised? Nats 7, Twins 0

NN has some command issues (or some umpire issues) but still cruises through 7. The bats finally come alive, and some clown fielding and baserunning ends up doing no harm.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Rock steady: Jordan Zimmermann (+27.3%) pitches a 7-inning shutout, fanning 8 and walking 2. Nice.
  • Clown/not-clown: Anthony Rendon (+18.9%) makes up for a dropped pop-up by going 2-3 with a walk, a go-ahead RBI single (+21.2% with a bonus run scoring on an error), and a two-out, two-run double to finish putting the game out of reach in the 5th (+2.2%).
  • Ralliers: Jayson Werth (+7.4%) is 2-3 with a walk, Adam LaRoche (+7.6%) is 2-3 with a two-out RBI single to start the 5th-inning scoring binge (+6.6%) and Ian Desmond (+6.7%) is 3-4 with a bases-loaded, two-run single.
  • Welcome to the party: Jeff Kobernus (+2.0%) is 2-4 with a walk and his first MLB hits, but gets himself doubled off on a hit-and-run fly out (-5.6%).