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Game 91 WPA: Set us up the bomb(s). Nats 5, FF 1

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It's back-to-back jacks or better to open, and the Nats have two pair! Er, four of a kind. I mean, uh... this sounded better in my head.



Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Main screen turn on! Gio Gonzalez (+30.3%) goes 7 IP with 5 Ks and 2 BBs, giving up a single ER.
  • It's you! Anthony Rendon (+10.1%) and Wilson Ramos (+15.7%) hit back-to-back solo shots to put the Nats up in the 5th (+14.8% and +11.7%, respectively).
  • Move ZIG! Ryan Zimmerman (+3.0%) and Jayson Werth (+8.0%) hit their own pair of back-to-back solo bombs to stat-pad in the 6th (+8.2% and +5.2%).
  • For great justice! Denard Span (-5.5%) gets a clown play on his swinging bunt with runners corners in the 9th to reach on error and drive in an insurance run (+1.3%). Also, I think Soriano owes him a steak dinner or two for his heroics in CF in the 9th.
There was some clown umping tonight, but I'm trying to embrace the positive. Instead of a strikezone map, please celebrate tonight's bombs by enjoying Pete Johnson's "Dive Bomber," by way of the lovely and talented Stephanie Trick.