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Game 93 WPA: Meltdown. Nats 3, Fish 8

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Well, so much for this season. In what was the must-win first game of a must-sweep series to give the Nats a chance to stay within striking distance after the break, it was not at all a win. No, sir, not a win at all.

Either the Baker Day atomic bomb test, or the Nats 2013 season.
Either the Baker Day atomic bomb test, or the Nats 2013 season.
Naval Photographic Center, NARA ARC ID# 520714


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Uh... what? Stephen Strasburg (-57.7%) pitches 2 innings, in which he strikes out 2, walks 4 (all of whom score), and gives up 5 hits, including a homer and a triple, for 7 ER in all.
  • Not as useful as it looked at the time: Adam LaRoche (+14.5%) hits a two-run double in the first to give the Nats the early lead (+16.3%). Only about 6 runs short, there.
  • Almost a shutdown: Ross Ohlendorf (+4.8%) eats innings with gusto after Stras implodes, going 4 scoreless with 3 Ks and 2 BBs.
  • Unhelpful: Ryan Zimmerman (-10.2%) is 0-5 with 5 LOB.

So, is Jerry Layne bad at umpiring?

    Well, it was more that he had a tight strikezone tonight, although it was a bit tighter for the Nats than the Fish... in some cases, ridiculously so:

Okay, ludicrously so, in some cases. Again, the triangles are the Nats, the squares are MIA. Which one(s) of these does not belong? Yeah, I know it's not 4 walks' worth of ludicrous, but it didn't help.