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Game 94 WPA: Frustration. Nats 1, Fish 2

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Dan Haren was pretty good tonight and he was the best thing about this game. You think about what you did tonight, Nats, because you should feel bad about it.

He's speaking for all us, really.  Still, not a good move.
He's speaking for all us, really. Still, not a good move.
Steve Mitchell


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Well, someone showed up: Dan Haren (+37.1%) puts forth a good effort, fanning seven (7) and only walking one in 6 IP, giving up no runs. Enjoy your no-decision, Dan.
  • Like old times: Tyler Clippard (+13.5%) and Drew Storen (+10.4%) each walk one, but each throw a scoreless inning in relief to earn shutdowns.
  • Not so good: Rafael Soriano (-31.3%) gives up a game-tying solo shot in the 9th (-44.3%) after the Nats can't add to their one-run lead.
  • Powerful FAIL: Chad Tracy (+8.2%) leads the Nats in hitting WPA with a leadoff single in the 10th. He's erased when Denard Span (-2.0%) muffs a sac bunt (-8.0%).
  • Powerfuller FAIL: Ian Desmond (-2.9%) singles in the 10th (+8.0%) and advances with Span on a WP to put runners 2nd/3rd with one out (+13.9%). Then Scott Hairston and Ryan Zimmerman both strike out (-20.9% and -11.1%, respectively).
  • Powerfullest FAIL: Craig Stammen (-37.0%) gets the final indignity of the walk-off loss on a ball hit too slowly to get an inning-ending GDP with bases loaded in the 10th, but it's an unearned run since the leadoff runner reached and took second on an error (-17.5%).

So, is Hunter Wendlestedt a bum, or what?

What is with the umps this series calling at least one Nats pitch down the middle a ball?


via (click to embiggen)

Here's Harper's aeyth-inning AB:


via (Click to embiggen)

It's borderline, but strike three looks reasonably strikey. Too close to take, especially given how far outside the typical LHH strikezone goes.

Anyhow, I think we can all agree with DEVO: