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Game 96 WPA: Second-half Nats also disappointing. Nats 2, LAD 3

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Strasburg gets off to a decent start to the so-called "second half." The offense, on the other hand, is LOBby. Bullpen gives up a run, but the margin of error was zero, so...

This was the face of the first half. WELCOME TO THE SECOND HALF.
This was the face of the first half. WELCOME TO THE SECOND HALF.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Bounce-back: Stephen Strasburg (+12.9%) goes 7 IP with 2 ER on 6 Ks and no walks. Enjoy your no-decision!
  • Competitors: Tonight's leaders in out-making/leaving-on-base are Anthony Rendon's (-22.4%) 0-4/2 GDPs/1 LOB and Chad Tracy's (-31.4%) 0-4/1 GDP/5 LOB. Wilson Ramos (-21.2%) gets honorable mention with 0-4/4 LOB.
  • I swear I will quit this team: After Bryce Harper (+16.2%) singles to put runners 2nd/3rd with no outs in the fourth (+14.7%), Jayson Werth (+11.5%) walks to load 'em up. With three chances to score, Ian Desmond (+6.9%) grounds into a force at home (-9.2%), Tracy pops out too shallowly to score the runner (-10.3%), and Ramos grounds out to end the inning (-9.9%).
  • Better: Desmond singles in a run to tie it in the 6th (+12.4%).
  • Ready or not: Tyler Clippard (+10.1%) fans 2 in a perfect aeyth to keep it tied and earn a shutdown.
  • Tuck your shirt in: Rafael Soriano (-31.5%) can't keep it tied in the 9th, giving up the go-behind run on a leadoff HR (-34.8%).