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Game 83 WPA: $1 Ice cream, amirite? Nats 0, MIL 4

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It's like the promo guys knew how terrible this game was going to be, with the Nats unable to score off a AAAA pitcher, or have the bullpen hold down a AAAA lineup. Next time, though, make it $1 bourbon night to fully counteract the bad.

Yeah, think how WE feel.  We had to watch it.
Yeah, think how WE feel. We had to watch it.
Patrick McDermott


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Why bother? Stephen Strasburg (+42.6%) struggles about as much as you can while being dominant over 7 IP, fanning 8, walking 4, and allowing no runs.
  • There's still room for you in Harrisburg: Bryce Harper (-11.8%) has used up all my good will from last night, going 0-4 with 3 LOB (and somehow not being charged with an error in the aeyth).
  • Unpleasantly familiar: Drew Storen (-46.4%) coughs up 4 ER in his relief appearance, walking one and fanning none, putting an exclamation mark of deja vu on this FAIL! parade.
  • A bit too aggressive: Ian Desmond (-11.5%) is 1-4 with a groundout to end a first-inning rally on a 2-0 pitch in on his hands from a guy who had just walked the bases loaded.