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Nationals' Lefty Ross Detwiler Still Bothered By Back Issues

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Ross Detwiler, who was placed on the DL on July 7th, was expected to return to action after the All-Star Break, but Washington Nationals' manager Davey Johnson told reporters today that the 27-year-old left-hander was still not quite right, so he won't start on the homestand.


While acknowledging a lack of depth in terms of major-league-ready, available starting pitchers in organization, Washington Nationals' manager Davey Johnson told reporters last week that he didn't see the team trading for a starter as the Non-Waiver Trade Deadline approaches. "Obviously, one of the areas we have very little depth in is starting pitching," the Washington Post's Adam Kilgore quoted Johnson explaining, "But after this year, and early into next year, some of our young starters should be knocking at the door." So, Johnson said, he didn't see the Nationals going out and trading for a short-term fix or a rental later this month:

"As far as making a move and picking up somebody just for short term, I don’t think that’s in our plans. Because I think we have enough talent here where we don’t need to do that. But I’m sure Mike [Rizzo] is looking at everything. If anything becomes available that can help us, he’ll be on it."

But, the WaPost reporter added, "Johnson also acknowledged that if Detwiler suffers a setback or Haren regresses, the Nationals may have to act." Before this afternoon's game, the Nats' skipper said that Detwiler had indeed suffered a setback with the back issue that landed him on the DL, but Johnson told reporters he still doesn't think it will lead to the Nationals going after a pitcher on the trade market:

Do the Nationals need to add another starter to the mix if Detwiler's back continues to keep him off the mound? Can Dan Haren, Taylor Jordan, Ross Ohlendorf and maybe Nathan Karns (who has a 1.62 ERA in six starts and 33 1/3 IP since he returned to Double-A from the majors) give the Nationals what they need at the back of the rotation?

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