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Nationals' Outfielder Jayson Werth's Big Season; Finally Healthy And Hitting...

If there was one bright spot in the Nationals' fourth straight loss last night in the nation's capital it was the power on display from Jayson Werth at the plate. After the game we talked about Werth's exploits on Nats Nightly, our nightly podcast with the District Sports Page's Dave Nichols.


Jayson Werth was 2 for 4 in last night's loss with two two-run home runs against the Pirates that got the Nationals close, but Washington fell short and dropped a 6-5 decision to Pittsburgh. It was a the fourth-straight loss for the Nats. After the game, I asked the District Sports Page's Dave Nichols about the one bright spot of the game:

Federal Baseball: "We touch on the one bright spot of the night, Jayson Werth. Two home runs tonight. Month of July coming into the game, he had a .373/.451/.610 line, .300/.356/.506 on the year, is Jayson Werth actually finally healthy and turning back into the player he was with the Phillies?"

District Sports Page: "It certainly looks like it. Here's the other thing. He had this serious wrist injury, compounded it again by breaking it. It could be a case where he's now -- that wrist has full strength, he's fully healthy with it and he's producing right now for the Nats. And it's a shame right now that they're essentially wasting it since they either can't get guys on base ahead of him or get guys behind him to drive him in when he does get on base. So, right now he's been a one-man offense for the Nats. And specifically, I'm looking at Ryan Zimmerman. He went 0 for 4 again tonight with another strikeout. The last three weeks or so he just hasn't been pulling his weight. And the Nats need him to be if not there no.1 best player, to be one of their one two best players. And he just isn't right now."

Davey Johnson was asked about Werth's performance recently during his postgame press conference. Here's what the Nats' skipper had to say about the year his 34-year-old outfielder's big season:

"He's made some adjustments. He's made some changes with his stance. And I think his approach has been pretty good all year. I think the main thing with him is he feels like his wrist, left wrist is healthy. He's been impressive. His approaches in BP. So, he's in a good spot."

• Listen to the rest of last night's episode of Nats Nightly below:

• Bonus Audio: Before last night's game, I went on the EYES Network to talk to Stuart Miller (aka Stu) from Noise Sports and talked about the current state the Nationals and what to expect going forward. You can check out that audio HERE.