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Game 100 WPA: Dropping the ball. Nats 1, Bucs 5

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Yeah, this was not some good baseball. It doesn't make any sense, it shouldn't be happening, and yet it is.

Two hands, rook.
Two hands, rook.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Sorry, kid: Taylor Jordan (-11.6%) goes 7.2 IP with 4 "ER," with 3 coming after Rendon dropped a sure DP feed from Zim for the 5-4-3 and another cashed in by a reliever.
  • So much FAIL: Let's single out Bryce Harper (-8.1%) for going 1-5 and getting erased on a CS in the 1st (-5.7%).
  • Your WPA leaders: Wilson Ramos (+2.7%) hit today's designated junk time dinger, while Ian Desmond (+1.2%) takes second by virtue of his 0-2 with a walk.