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Game 101 WPA: Laz Diaz made a bad call and he should feel bad. Nats 2, Bucs 4

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Stras loves striking out Bucs like the lineup loves not scoring, the bullpen loves giving up runs, and Laz Diaz loves making calls on plays he didn't see.

"Score me some runs, jerks!" (Not an actual quote.)
"Score me some runs, jerks!" (Not an actual quote.)
Patrick McDermott


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Pitcher wins are a stupid stat: Stephen Strasburg (+26.6%) gives up 1 ER on 12 Ks and no walks over 8 IP. LOSER!
  • The lone positives: Steve Lombardozzi (+5.6%) is tonight's hitting WPA leader, with an aeyth-inning single (+9.9%). Ryan Zimmerman (+0.7%) is the other Nat above zero, going 1-3 with a walk.
  • (Frustratingly) routine meltdown: Drew Storen (-8.3%) gives up an insurance run for the other side in the 9th, because scoring one run isn't challenging enough for the Nats.
  • Not helping: Fernando Abad (-5.6%) doesn't get a meltdown when he gives up two inherited runners in the 9th because there wasn't enough WPA left to lose, even though they turn out to be the losing runs.
  • Villainy: The worst offenders on "offense" tonight were Anthony Rendon (-13.7%), Adam LaRoche (-14.5%), Scott Hairston (-10.0%), and Denard Span (-15.4%) who hit into a game-ending "double" play where the "tag" missed by about six inches.
  • Stat padder: Jayson Werth (-3.5%) can't get into positive WPA with a two-run dinger to get the Nats on the board in the 9th (+4.7%).