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Nationals vs Mets: Series Preview Q&A With The Mets Blog

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Before the start of this weekend's four-game set in the nation's capital, we talked to Steve Hirsch from The Mets Blog about what's going on with the Washington Nationals as they start another series with the New York Mets with a doubleheader today in D.C.

Rob Carr

What's the scoop on new hitting coach Rick Schu? Will he be back next season? What will the Nationals do at the Non-Waiver Trade Deadline? Can Davey Johnson lead Washington back to the postseason? We answered a few questions that The Mets Blog writer and intern Steve Hirsch sent over in anticipation of the start of this weekend's four-game set in the nation's capital.

There's one question and answer below and a link to the rest of the Q&A HERE as well as down below:

The Mets Blog: "Davey Johnson has gotten off to slow starts before. In 1996, Johnson's Baltimore Orioles were 50-51 after 101 games and won 88 games and made it to the NLCS. At this point, do you think the Nats have what it takes to make a playoff run?"

Federal Baseball: "If the offense as a whole doesn't really ignite, I don't see it happening, but I'm not at the point of counting the Nationals out. They've had solid pitching from the rotation most of the season with strong years by Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez and especially Jordan Zimmermann, but the back of the rotation is a bit of a question mark right now.

As good as the pitching has been, however, the hitters haven't provided the necessary run-support. Strasburg, as of today, has the lowest run-support in the majors at 2.85 per start.

"If the left-handed bats in the Nationals' lineup (Span, Harper, LaRoche) don't start hitting left-handed pitching and if the Nationals don't get more runners on overall (they're 28th in the majors with a .298 OBP as a team) they're just not going to be able to score enough runs to to turn things around.

Though Davey Johnson's taking a bit of a beating right now in the press and social media in D.C., there's probably not anyone I would rather have at the helm if the Nationals are going to try to make a run and hopefully the fact that it's his last one most likely will inspire something special, because that's what it's going to take if they have any chance of returning to the postseason."

• You can read the rest of the Q&A with The Mets Blog below: