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Game 105 WPA: Sip it, Haren-haters. Nats 4, Mets 1

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I still believed, but you guys were suckas. Hah!

"How ya like me now, ******z?" (Not an actual quote.)
"How ya like me now, ******z?" (Not an actual quote.)
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Not bad for no. 5, rite? Dan Haren (+24.0% pitching, +3.9% hitting)) gives up 1 ER over 7 IP, with 6 Ks and 1 walk. At the plate, he's 1-2 with a double. Is that acceptable for the bottom of the rotation?
  • Light hitters up the middle: Ian Desmond (+10.9%) and Denard Span (+9.6%) hit back-to-back solo shots (+12.0% and +10.4%, respectively) in the 2nd.
  • Stat-padding rookie: Bryce Harper (+6.6%) tries to add some junk-time shine to his sophomore season with a superfluous two-run bomb in the 3rd (+8.7%).