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Game 107 WPA: Easy come, easy go. Nats 1, DET 5

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We had some good straws to clutch at for a while there, didn't we? Enjoy the little things, Nats fans.

I can think of no ways in which this was Davey's fault.
I can think of no ways in which this was Davey's fault.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen.. I know it's not the final graph, but it's just more flatline.)

  • Location mistake: Stephen Strasburg (-20.3%) is a bit shaky but decent overall through 7 IP with 7 Ks and 3 BBs.... except for the go-behind granny with two down in the 6th (-34.1%).
  • WPA leader: Bryce Harper (+2.4%) leads off the game with a triple (+8.9%) and eventually scores the Nats' run.
  • Some badness: Denard Span (-12.1%) neatly cancels out the WPA for Harp's triple by grounding out to strand runners 2nd/3rd in the 6th (-8.9%).

Tight zone tonight?

No kidding! Larry Vanover was squeezing that zone like he was trying to make diamonds. He was doing it to both pitchers, though, and the Nats couldn't capitalize.


via (click to embiggen)


via (click to embiggen)

I need to get out on a boat back out of town.