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Nationals Apparently Stand Pat At Trade Deadline; Nothing Announced As Deadline Passes

Word from the Washington Nationals over the last few weeks was that they liked their roster and didn't intend on making a splash at the Non-Waiver Trade Deadline and with the four o'clock hour now past it appears that they've stood pat with the roster they have in place.


Davey Johnson repeated the same message the Washington Nationals have been delivering for several weeks now when he was asked about the Nats' plans heading into this afternoon's 4:00 pm EDT Non-Waiver Trade Deadline in an appearance on 106.7 the FAN in D.C.'s The Sports Junkies this morning.

"We're probably not going to do anything," Johnson said. "We still like the players we have, and they need to do a little better job. We've got some guys are hurt and we've got some young guys that are coming up and that's where we're at. And I agree with that. I like the talent. It's my fault. I think the responsibility... we're a little underachieving all across the board."

Johnson and the 52-55 defending NL East Champions were in the process of losing their second straight game to the Tigers in Detroit while Nats' GM Mike Rizzo and his front office were back in the nation's capital waiting out the deadline. After years of looking for another starter or a prototypical center fielder, the Nationals felt they had no room on the roster for an addition though they talked as recently as this weekend about potentially tweaking their bench. Though they were treading water 10.0 games behind Atlanta in the NL East going into play today, the Nats continued to state their belief that they had the right players even as they underperformed on the field.

With an hour and a half left before the deadline the Nationals had hardly even been mentioned in the thousands of tweets and stories that were flooding the internet in anticipation of the deadline. As it approached three o'clock on the East Coast on Wednesday, with the Nats trailing 10-1 in Comerica Park in Detroit, Ross Ohlendorf left the game with an apparent injury after taking over on the mound following a brief, ugly, outing by Gio Gonzalez. Another potentially serious blow to the Nats' rotation didn't alter the Nationals' plans, however, coming as it did just before 3:00 pm EDT.

With Ross Detwiler already on the DL with a disc issue in his back, Washington was rumored to be interested in pitching but unwilling to or uninterested in parting with their top prospects in any deals, preferring to hold on to the pitching in the organization after deals for the likes of Gio Gonzalez and Denard Span in the last few years depleted the system of some of its major league-ready arms.

There was still nothing with thirty minutes to go before the 4:00 pm EDT deadline and still nothing involving the Nats coming in.

As of 4:00 pm EDT no trades involving the Washington Nationals were reported anywhere...