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Game 90 WPA: Crash and burn. Nats 2, FF 4

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Bad defense, bad hitting, and a floating strike zone in the other team's favor... at least the Braves are winning. Oh, wait...

2013 Nats, shown here.
2013 Nats, shown here.
Todd Warshaw


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Beclowned: Taylor Jordan (-19.8%) gives up 4 R (1 3 ER) in 5.2 IP thanks to a clown parade of defense behind him as he fans 2 and walks 1.
  • Goats Clowns: Ian Desmond (-12.8%) is 1-4 with a first-inning GDP to quash a leadoff rally (-7.3%), plus an error that resulted in a go-behind run (-16.2%). Ryan Zimmerman (-14.7%) is 0-4 with 2 Ks, including one with the bases loaded in the aeyth (-8.7%).
  • Aroo: Jayson Werth (+0.8%) hits a second-inning solo shot for the early lead (+11.4%), but flies out to end the bases-loaded threat in the aeyth (-8.1%).
  • Get the man clown a new glove: Kurt Suzuki (+1.0%) is 0-1 with 2 HBP and a fourth-inning error that allowed the tying run (-15.1%).

If you were wondering whether Vic Carapazza (altogether, "WHO?") is bad at umpiring, the answer is yes:



Via Brooks Baseball (click to embiggen)

The triangles are called balls (green) and strikes (red) for WAS pitchers, the squares are called balls (green) and strikes (red) for PHI. Notice anything funny? Like maybe a bunch of WAS pitches inside the zone being called balls, and PHI pitches outside the zone being called strikes? The zone doesn't have to be rulebook, but it should be consistent. Get a new job, Vic. Remember his name, and be sure to call him a bum the next time you see him at a game.

Updated to correct ER total. Didn't check the final line score after rageposting the strikezone maps.