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Game 119 WPA: That had some ups and downs. Nats 6, SF 5

NN looked like to collapse, but held it together. The bats tacked on enough to guard against eventual bullpen dramatics, which weren't quite dramatic enough to cost the game. And the other end, we emerge with a Nats win!

He totally didn't have to dive. Showboater!
He totally didn't have to dive. Showboater!
Greg Fiume


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Some shaky some solid: Jordan Zimmermann (+13.9%) wavers over 7 IP, fanning 2 and walking two, but weaving in and out of jams well enough to only give up 1 ER.
  • Good splits: Ian Desmond (+10.9%) jacks a solo shot nearly 450' to left center to tie the game (+11.8%) in the 2nd.
  • Taking! It! Personally! Anthony Rendon (+19.8%) cranks a two-run double to put the Nats ahead in 4th after a bases-loading intentional walk (+18.0%), eventually scoring on a WP (+4.1%).
  • A little melty: Ryan Mattheus (-12.9%) melts down in the aeyth, giving up a bloop, a bleeder, and solid two-run double to narrow the lead to two.
  • Ice cold: Tyler Clippard (+9.4%) cleans up Mattheus' mess with 2 Ks to end the aeyth with no further runs and earn a shutdown.
  • You owe Span a[nother] steak dinner: Rafael Soriano (+6.7%) gives up 3 hits in the 9th, but only 1 ER, barely holding the lead and earning a shutdown and the save.