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Game 125 WPA: More LOB means higher OBP, amirite? Nats 4, Cubs 2

I swear Ray tried to come back and jinx it in the interlude before the 9th. CUT IT OUT! Haren had another solid outing, there were a lot of LOB, but the Nats managed to push across enough runs to make it only somewhat nerve wracking when Soriano came up.

Dude is pitching good now.
Dude is pitching good now.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • You gotta DIY, man: Dan Haren (+23.5% pitching, -16.8% hitting) strikes out six and walks none in 6 IP, giving up only 1 ER. However, he's 0-3 at the plate with 5 LOB.
  • Where's the power? Ryan Zimmerman (+14.1%) is 2-4 with a walk and a pair of doubles, one in the 1st for an RBI to put the Nats ahead early (+14.1%), and one to lead off the 6th (+9.4%).
  • I remember this guy: Drew Storen (+10.6%) throws a 1-2-3 7th for a shutdown.
  • This guy, too: Tyler Clippard (+13.8%) has some three-ball counts, but ultimately throws his own 1-2-3 aeyth for a shutdown.
  • Sigh. And him: Rafael Soriano (+3.9%) does not earn a shutdown for finishing a game with a 3-run lead, giving up a solo shot followed by 2 Ks and a fly out.  He makes a fan nervous.

I'm in a good mood, so enjoy this fond memory of Pete Orr: