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Game 129 WPA: Big 15. Nats 7, KC 2

Jordan Zimmermann is still pretty good at pitching. Also, we're never going to be rid of Tracy, are we?

Ed Zurga


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • What, no CG? Jordan Zimmermann (+14.1%) goes 7.2 IP, scattering a ton of hits before switching to P2K mode, fanning 7, walking 1, and giving up 2 ER.
  • Big night: Bryce Harper (+16.0%) leads in WPA with a first-inning RBI single to get the Nats the early lead (+5.6%) and a fourth-inning single to put runners corners and set up a go-ahead run (+10.6%).
  • Two-out rally: Tyler Moore (+11.2%) doubles in a run with two down in the 4th to put runners 2nd/3rd (+12.2%). Chad Tracy (+10.4%) follows up with a two-run bloop "single" into no-man's land (+13.0%).
  • Team player: Ian Desmond (-1.3%) belts a monstrous, two-run, junk-time dinger so that Ramos doesn't have to run hard to score from first (+4.3%).