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Game 134 WPA: In a hurry to lose. Nats 2, Mets 3

J-Z gets NN'd big-time. If you're not going to give the guy offense, at least try not to make clown plays behind him!

There goes the helmet, there goes the season... whatevs.
There goes the helmet, there goes the season... whatevs.
Rob Carr


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Familiar run support: Jordan Zimmermann (-2.5%) doesn't give up much, but he does give up a two-run HR to put the Nats behind in the 4th (-24.2%). An ill-advised Zim-11 throw in the aeyth somehow wasn't an error, but it costs a third [game-losing] run and ends NN's outing at 7.2 IP with 6 Ks and 1 BB (-11.5%).
  • Early Only Almost only offense: Wilson Ramos (+16.2%) belts a no-doubt solo shot into the visiting bullpen in the 3rd for a brief lead (+12.3%) and later draws walk.
  • HOLY COW!! Steve Lombardozzi (+10.0%) belts a pinch-hit, two-out solo shot off the ribbon board in the home bullpen to get the Nats within one in the aeyth.
  • Red light: Bryce Harper (-19.9%) grounds out weakly to end a two-on, two-out rally after Lombo's blast in the aeyth (-11.9%).
  • Who else was unhelpfully 0-4 tonight? Jayson Werth (-17.3%), Ian Desmond (-12.2%), Adam LaRoche (-10.9%) combined with Bryce to go 0-16 with 3 Ks, although ALR has a legit beef on his, as we'll see.

Hey, Doghouse, is Brian Knight bad at umpiring?

Well, here's his strike zone tonight against lefties:



And for the righties:



A little uneven, but not systematically heinous.  Hmm, there's that one pitch low and away on the LHH strike zone map that got called a strike...



Oh, yeah, not really a strike.  And not a strike that he'd been giving earlier in the game.  I guess he was in a hurry to get back to the hotel and watch "Matlock" reruns.  Still, that didn't cost the Nats the game. Not doing enough at the plate and one bad play from RZim cost the game.