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Game 144 WPA: And the band played on. And on. And on... Nats 6, Mets 3

The in-game battle of the high school rock bands aside, the Nats kept playing, scoring early, scoring late, and brutally shelling the Party City Party Deck™.

Admit it: you would totally buy his album.
Admit it: you would totally buy his album.
Jim McIsaac


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Hitting the wall: Jordan Zimmermann (-13.5%) only goes 5+ IP, with 4 Ks, a walk, and 3 ER on 8 Hits. P2K > P2C, NN.  It's math.
  • 1-2-3: Jayson Werth (+22.1%) hits a first-inning solo shot (+11.1%) as part of his 3-4 night, while Adam LaRoche (+6.0%) follows up with another in the 2nd (+10.2%). Werth also doubles in a run in the 3rd (+8.1%).
  • Shutdown: Craig Stammen (+14.9%) puts out the fire in the 6th.
  • Two-way player: Wilson Ramos (+5.0%) singles in the eventual winning run with two outs in the 6th (+7.6%), throws out a runner later in the inning (+7.2%, although Stammen gets it), and throws out another in the 7th (+8.6%, albeit for Storen).
  • Interesting: Drew Storen (+10.2%) walks two in the 7th, but gets out of it with no runs and a shutdown thanks to Ramos' CS.
  • Dependably dull: Tyler Clippard (+13.1%) gives up a fly ball to the track, but throws a 1-2-3 aeyth to hold the lead and earn a shutdown.
  • Situational righty: Scott Hairston (+11.7%) cranks a two-run bomb over the old fence in LF for some welcome padding in the 9th.