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Game 148 WPA: That was not a strike. Nats 4, FF 5

Well, that Nats had their chances this game, just like they have in a lot of games this season.

Patrick McDermott


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Struggling: Gio Gonzalez (-24.7%) gives up some soft hits and hard hits to the tune of 4 ER over 6 IP with 5 Ks and 2 BBs.
  • Big man at the plate: Ryan Zimmerman (+30.2%) sets up tonight's unrealized potential, with a bases-loading single in the 7th (+9.1%) and a leadoff double with the Nats down by one in the 9th (+24.3%).
  • Run 'til they tag you: Bryce Harper (+14.9%) is 2-4 with a two-run circus single to get the Nats within one in the 7th (+20.0%), as well as a steal of 3rd later than inning (+1.0%).
  • Big fail at the plate: With Zim standing on second with no outs in the 9th, Nats down by one, this happens: Jayson Werth (-22.8%) flies out (-16.0%), Ian Desmond (-20.1%) flies out (-13.3%), and Wilson Ramos (-29.6%) grounds out to end the game (-16.2%).

So, Jim Joyce: Bum, or What?

Well, here's the zone he called tonight:





That's a pretty tight zone for the most part, especially the inside edge to righties. Hmm, except for one pitch....



Oh, that is not a strike, especially since he'd been totally squeezing the inside corner to righties all night.  He pretty much blinked on that one.

Verdict: BUM!