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Game 151 WPA: ROARK!!1!!11(eleventy)!! Nats 4, RFB 0


"RAAAAAAAAR! I WINZ TEH GAEMZ!!" (Not an actual quote.)
"RAAAAAAAAR! I WINZ TEH GAEMZ!!" (Not an actual quote.)
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • An unstoppable baseball force: Tanner Roark (+44.7% pitching, +1.2% pitching) throws 7 innings of shutout ball, fanning 6 and walking 1.  He's 1-2 with a single at the plate.  You are not worthy of him.
  • ROARK NEEDS ONLY ONE RUN! Steve Lombardozzi (+14.7%) singles in the Nat's first run of the game in the 2nd (+13.4%), which is the eventual winning run.
  • YOU DARE TO FOLLOW ROARK?!?! Craig Stammen (+11.5%) doesn't dare screw up Roark's lead, giving up a hit but striking out the side in the aeyth for a shutdown.
  • ROARK SCORNS "INSURANCE" RUNS, YOU STAT-PADDER! Ryan Zimmerman (+5.4%) hits a junk-time homer in the aeyth, blowing the game wide open with a two-run lead (+7.7%).