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Game 137 WPA: BOOOOOOOO! Nats 2, FF 3

Jerry Meals is a bum. Not to make the obvious joke, but he must have been late for dinner... Stras is robbed again.

Don't look smug, JINXER!
Don't look smug, JINXER!
Chris Gardner

Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Inefficient: Stephen Strasburg (+21.3%) gives 0 ER (1R) over 6 IP with 10 Ks and 2 walks. Enjoy your no-decision!
  • Jinxer: Ryan Zimmerman (+1.6%) hits a first-inning solo shot for the early lead (+10.7%).
  • Balky: Bryce Harper (+11.9%) overcomes his malfunctioning leg servos by going 1-3 with a bases-loading, aeyth-inning walk (+11.4%).
  • Shutdown: Drew Storen (+8.5%) walks one but has a scoreless 7th.
  • Unapologetic: Adam LaRoche (+15.3%) is 1-4 with a 9th-inning single to put runners corners with the Nats down by one (+20.7%).
  • Meltdown: Tyler Clippard (-58.1%) can't hold the lead in the ayeth, giving up the tying and go-behind runs.
  • BAAAAAAAA: Wilson Ramos (-25.1%) is 0-4, including a 9th-inning backwards K with runners corners (-21.2%). Anthony Rendon (-16.2%) is 1-4, but Ks to end the game with the tying run on third (-15.8%).

So, is HP Ump Jerry Meals a bum, or what?

Well, his zone was a bit tight most of the night:





However, he seems to have expanded his zone quite a bit on a few pitches... for the Fillies.  Hmm, what pitches were those?



"I'm missing Matlock!  Everything is a strike!"

Verdict: BUM!