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Game 154 WPA: How am I already blasé about a mere CGSO? Nats 8, Fish 0

J-Zim throws a routinely spectacular two-hit shutout with 9 Ks. That was some good pitching, I tell you what. The offense poured on a rather unsporting display of run-scoring to try and grab some attention.

"RAAAAAR! I STRIEKZ U OWT!!" (Not an actual quote.)
"RAAAAAR! I STRIEKZ U OWT!!" (Not an actual quote.)
Greg Fiume


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Rollin': Jordan Zimmermann (+34.7%) goes the distance, two-hitting the Marlins with 9 Ks and 1 BB.
  • Batting around: Denard Span (+0.8%) doesn't get the big WPA for his 2-5 night, although he got both hits in the 6th inning, including a two-RBI triple (+1.7%).
  • Slacker! Ryan Zimmerman (+8.5%) only gets one hit in his 2 ABs in the 6th inning, but it puts runners corners with no outs to set up the go-ahead hit (+13.1%).
  • The big hit: Jayson Werth (+9.5%) doubles off the wall on a ball I was sure was going out off the bat, scoring the first two runs in the 7-run sixth innings to put the Nats ahead for good (+13.1%).