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Nationals' Next Manager Search: Randy Knorr Throws Hat In Ring

Cal Ripken said he would consider it if he was asked. Now Randy Knorr said he'd liked to be considered. The Washington Nationals' search for their next manager isn't likely to start until after this season ends, but some candidates are making it known that they're interested.


Unless something changes, Davey Johnson is expected to step away from his role on the Washington Nationals' bench after his 17th season as a major league manager. He's also expected to play a part in choosing his successor. Johnson was asked earlier this summer what would make a potential candidate the ideal manager?

"The ideal is to manage in your system so you know the talent in your system, and that's the criteria..." - - Davey Johnson on ideal candidate for manager

"My requirements," the 70-year-old skipper said, "and I got in trouble for voicing them with a couple of my other managers around the league -- when somebody asked me what is the criteria for being a manager, I said, 'The ideal is to manage in your system so you know the talent in your system,' and that's the criteria. Some guys that were coaches that have never managed took offense at what I said, but I was talking about the ideal guy."

The first name that came to many people's minds after hearing that description of an ideal candidate was Randy Knorr's. Nats' GM Mike Rizzo talked about the 44-year-old, 11-year major league veteran who managed the High-A Potomac Nationals in 2008 and has served as Davey Johnson's bench coach in the last two seasons as a potential candidate earlier this summer. Nats' GM Mike Rizzo told reporters, including's Bill Ladson, in July that Knorr would definitely receive consideration.

"'He’s certainly a manager-caliber bench coach at this point,'" Rizzo said.

"'Randy is a guy that I’ve had great respect for a long time,'" the Nationals' general manager continued, "'I think that he’s certainly a manager-caliber, he’s a manager candidate and he has a lot of manager capabilities and we love having him on the staff.'"

Knorr, for his part, told's Mr. Ladson that he'd liked to be considered for the job:

"'I would like [the Nationals] to consider me. But I know [general manager] Mike [Rizzo] has a bunch of people in mind, also,' Knorr said. 'It would be an honor to be considered for that job. … I try not to think too far ahead. I like to take things day by day.'"

Randy Knorr? Cal Ripken? Matt Williams? The list of candidates is growing...

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