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Game 139 WPA: Folks made some good plays today. Nats 3, FF 2

Sure, Zim(n) pitched well and there were some good fundamentals in getting the go-ahead run across, but MAN the defense tonight!

(Good defense not shown here)
(Good defense not shown here)
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Ded eyez: Jordan Zimmermann (+12.3% pitching, -17.5% hitting) fans 5 and walks 1 over 7 IP, giving up 2 ER.  At plate, he's 0-3 with 5 LOB. On the other hand, he makes a great play covering first to end the 7th.
  • Helping out his cousin: Ryan Zimmerman (+16.5%) gets his brother off the hook with a 7th-inning, game-tying solo shot (+21.0%).
  • "Utility" implies "useful": Steve Lombardozzi (+13.9%) singles in a go-ahead run in the ayeth (+13.1%) after Jeff Kobernus (+8.2%) steals third in his pinch running appearance.
  • BIG D: Zimm-11 guns down the go-ahead run at the plate to keep it tied in the 7th (+16.1%). Jhonatan Solano tracks down a dropped 3rd strike (runner on 1st so batter is out) to tag the runner coming home from 3rd and hold the lead on one of the craziest DPs in recent memory (+32.7%), helping to earn Craig Stammen (+14.3%) a shutdown in the aeyth.
  • UNTUCK!! Rafael Soriano (+14.5%) holds the one-run lead for the shutdown and the save with a 1-2-3 9th.