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Game 143 WPA: Overdetermined. Nats 9, Mets 0

Yeah, that MASN tweet came right before the hit. Coincidence? Or JINX?!

MASN jinxed you, man. You didn't deserve that.
MASN jinxed you, man. You didn't deserve that.
Jim McIsaac


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Nice outing: Gio Gonzalez (+14.3%) just misses on a no-hit bid, fanning 8, walking 2, and allowing 1 hit in his complete-game shutout.
  • Early offense: Denard Span (+12.3%) leads off the game with a solo shot (+10.7%) as part of his 3-5 night, while Ryan Zimmerman (+12.1%) goes back-to-back with his own solo jack (+9.7%).
  • Stat-padderz: Jayson Werth (+14.1%) hits a three-run bomb to tack on in the 3rd (+15.8%), Tyler Moore (+1.5%) hits a solo shot in the 4th (+2.6%) and goes 2-3 with a walk, while Wilson Ramos (+0.2%) hits his own three-run dinger in the 5th (+2.4%).
  • Patient: Adam LaRoche (-0.2%) is 0-2 with 3 walks, while Zim has 2 walks to go along with his 2-3.