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Eight Eligible Nationals File For Salary Arbitration

The Washington Nationals and their eight arbitration-eligible players will exchange figures on Friday if they haven't agreed on a deal before then and if they can't reach an agreement they will go to arbitration at some point in February. All eight filed for arbitration today...

Drew Hallowell

There were a total eight arbitration-eligible Washington Nationals among the 146 MLB players who filed for salary arbitration tonight. Two arbitration-eligible Nationals were signed this earlier winter, with '09 no.1 overall pick Stephen Strasburg agreeing on a 1-year/$3.975M deal while veteran right-hander Ross Ohlendorf too avoided arbitration and signed a 1-year deal worth $1.25M.

The Nats still have to work out deals with Jordan Zimmermann, Tyler Clippard, Drew Storen, Doug Fister, Ross Detwiler, Jerry Blevins, Wilson Ramos and Ian Desmond.

Desmond and Zimmermann, who are both two years away from free agency, have been discussed as extension candidates again this winter with all sides, of course, expressing the desire to sign the deal that's right for everyone involved.

The Nationals and the eight remaining players, if they don't agree to a deal beforehand, will exchange salary figures on Friday, and then go to arbitration between Feb. 1-21 if they haven't reached a deal before their scheduled date.'s 2014 salary arbitration projections have the Nationals spending another $40.5M to get all of their remaining players signed for 2014 with Zimmermann getting a raise from $5.35M to $10.5M, Clippard getting $6.2M after making $4M in 2013, Storen earning $3.6M after signing a 1-year/$2.5M deal last January 17th, Doug Fister going from $4M in Detroit in 2013 to around $6.9M this season, Detwiler earning $2.8M after making $2.3375M in an injury-filled 2013 campaign, Blevins going from $1.1M to $1.5, Ramos getting $2.1M up from $501K and Desmond making $6.9M after he played for $3.8M in 2013.

Will the Nationals end up announcing long-term extensions with Zimmermann and Desmond? The Nats and their '07 2nd Round pick reportedly remain open to a deal, though Zimmermann told the Washington Post earlier this winter he'd prefer talks start sooner rather than later and sooner than they did last spring.

Desmond was asked recently about negotiations by writer Bill Ladson, and he said he wouldn't let the coverage of a potential long-term deal become a distraction.