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MLB Approves Expanded Replay For 2014 Season

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So they can show replays of controversial calls on stadium scoreboards now? Get ready for a barrage of boos, MLB umps. Major League Baseball expanded their replay rules today in time to implement the new system in 2014. Check out some of the details below...

Marc Serota

Hey, remember that at bat with Lance Berkman in 2010 when then-Washington Nationals' closer Matt Capps like totally got the then-Houston Astros' first baseman to swing at a 1-2 pitch only to have the umpires rule that the veteran infielder hadn't actually gone? Oh, he went... HE WENT!!!!


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Under the new rules for replays agreed upon by the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) and the World Umpires Association... they will still not be able to review that blown check-swing call, but they did expand the circumstances under which replay can be used today...

• Check out Major League Baseball's Press Release on the expanded replay rules HERE:

So what do we think about the new rules? Too much, not far enough? When do we just go ahead and build the Robot Umpires everyone is waiting on? Did anyone agree to never let Angel Hernandez umpire in the majors again? Can they build a Balkin' Bob Davidson-model robot? "That. Is. A. Balk."