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Nationals Fans Like To Comment... Which FBB Posters Were Most Active In 2013?

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Which FBB regular do you think posted the most comments in 2013? The SB Nation sent us the final numbers today. Did you make the list? If not, comment more!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING STILL LURKING!!!!

Patrick Smith

We've always said that is what you make of it. (Okay, we've never said that.) But it's true and the comments section in particular has always been a focus for us with the FanPosts something we're working on (they can be added to the front page now) and the FanShots (still down there, I swear) important places to express yourself as well. We report the news, occasionally add opinions, you talk about it and make your arguments for or against whatever it is the Washington Nationals are doing at any given moment or whatever it is one of our writers are saying. That's how it works, see.

d_c_guy: "NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER!" Doghouse: "And scoar moar runz... Nats!" - FBB GameThread comments

We've been hosting GameThreads here since the site started in 2006, live for every game, and though we spent a lot of time talking to ourselves at the start, in recent years, even with other sites starting their own, the FBB threads continue to be (for my money, whatever that means) the most entertaining place to gather and watch a Nationals' game while you sit at home on your laptop or sit/stand at the game on a phone/mobile device thanks to the ever-evolving and improving comment system provided by the good folks behind the scenes here at the SB Nation (Vox Media, etc.). They also provided us with a final tally on the total number of comments for calendar year 2013...

If you had to guess, keeping in mind that people often comment on the game live as it happens with something play-by-play-ish but totally legal, which FBB regular do you think had the most comments in the last year? Are you on the list?

Here are the Top 9 (There were 10, I eliminated myself)...

Num Name Comments
1 souldrummer 10783
2 cat daddy 3000 10410
3 Angela 8975
4 constant815 8710
5 MissB 8119
6 RobBobS 7510
7 ghandz 6041
8 d_c_guy 5212
9 bluelineswinger 4895

Congrats, souldrummer. Nice try, cat daddy. By the way, 10,783 comments in 365 days? 29.5 comments per day? Crazy. For the record, in a breakdown of the stats which may or may not exist, cat daddy was the runaway leader with "raccoon-themed" posts. MissB was the defending, unbeaten Strikeout Icon Champion for 2013. Our friend bluelineswinger won for most words per post (I kid, that's cause he has so much to add and is always informative). Doghouse and I tied for the most single-word total-comment-boosting "groin" posts this year. d_c_guy had some competition, but managed to type out the most "Never Give Up, Never Surrender!" posts, though there's a lot of competition since others have picked up on that meme and d_c_guy also deserves some recognition for continuing to yell, "THIS McCHATTY IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY!" at every mound visit in Nationals Park.

Seriously he does yell that. And loud.

I watched the last home game of the year with d_c_guy, his brother, Doghouse, Mrs. D, cookielover and others this past September, and if you ever have a chance, track him down during the game and see if you can make it through nine innings without your jawbone hurting from laughing after hearing them all bring the GameThreads to life with their stage-worthy voices resounding in the 300 section they sit in.

If you have no idea what this is all about, you might need to get more involved in the comments and GameThreads and we hope you do. You have a voice here. Use it.

Quit lurking and see if you can make the Top 10 next season...