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Nationals' Assistant GM Bryan Minniti reportedly leaves organization

According to several reports tonight, Washington Nationals' Assistant GM Bryan Minniti informed friends and co-workers that he was leaving his position with the Nats after five years in Mike Rizzo's front office. Minniti joined the Nationals in 2009.

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Pittsburgh Pirates' GM Neal Huntington hired Bryan Minniti as his director of baseball operations a little over a month after taking over General Manager in 2007, after the then-27-year-old Minniti spent seven seasons as, "a member of the Pirates' baseball operations department," as writer Jennifer Langosch reported in an article on Huntington filling front office roles after assuming the position that season.

Two years later, when then-recently officially hired Washington Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo took over and rehauled the front office in the nation's capital, he brought Minniti aboard as one of 17+ hires he made as he built what he described to Washington Post writer Thomas Boswell at the time as a "baseball shop."

As the veteran WaPost columnist wrote, Minniti was one of two hires along with MLB's Jay Sartori, that Rizzo, " begged for... and got."

Describing the process of getting the job in the Nationals' front office in a recent profile by York Daily record writer Jim Seip, Minniti, who graduated from York Catholic High School in York, PA before going to college at Pitt and getting hired by the Pirates as an intern, said it all happened quickly, which is not "terribly uncommon":

"I had a week to interview and accept," Minniti said.

"He interviewed Friday.

"Rizzo offered him the job Sunday.

"Minniti attended his first meeting with the Nats Monday."

Minniti spent the last five years as part of the Nationals' front office, but according to multiple reports tonight, the now-34-year-old executive decided to leave his positing with the team:

Washington Post writer James Wagner reported on Minniti's decision tonight, quoting Nats' GM Mike Rizzo saying that the Asst. GM, who, "handled everything from contracts to helping with daily operations of the team," during his time with the Nationals, "has been an integral part of my staff for the past five years," and the work they did to build the organization, "would not have been possible without him."

You can read the full quote from Rizzo through the link below:

In an email announcing the decision mentioned in the WaPost article, Minniti reportedly, "added that he is uncertain what is next for him."