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Wire Taps: Nationals news, links, Bryce Harper's big news... and more

We scoured the internet for all the Washington Nationals links we could find and it wasn't easy, but we did what we could to provide you with all the Nats-related news out there so that you can start your day right, even in the offseason...

Thearon W. Henderson

I tried to put together a link post yesterday, for Monday that is, I really did. But when I went looking for articles to share at around 2:30 AM (this is standard practice, sometimes I get it done by like 4:30 AM and then go to sleep, sometimes I fall asleep at the computer and inevitably sleep till around 11:00 AM at which point everyone has already read most of the stuff that's included), there really wasn't much to share that was written in the previous 24 hrs.

"He proudly said he was in charge of designing the tuxedos. He dreamed out loud and we matched that..." -via Las Vegas Journal-Review writer Norm Clarke

There was a perfectly shareable article from's Byron Kerr, who wrote about the Nats' prospects who are taking part in the Arizona Fall League this time around. Hey, the AFL started. 

Mark Zuckerman at put up a post that examined the situation at second in the nation's capital.

There was an article about what went wrong with the Nationals in the NLDS that spelled right-handed Nats' starter Jordan Zimmermann's last name wrong three times in one paragraph and got the inning wrong while talking about Bryce Harper's game-tying home run in Game 4 while detailing everything Matt Williams did wrong.

[ed. note - "We deleted the link to that article and replaced it with a Rickroll-esque link to something more enjoyable because we're like totes not into putting out negative vibes. Did you enjoy the first fight scene from Wong Kar Wai's 'The Grandmaster'?"]

I also found an article about former Nats' starter Yunkesky Maya having to apologize for a rude hand gesture he made toward another player during a game in Seoul, South Korea...

I got bored at this point and went on a newsy video site that showed a Camel throwing someone who was trying to kill it by biting the man's head and tossing him. [ed. note - " This camel is bad-a$$."]

I also watched a viddy of Wigan's Ben Flower going all batty and bashing a fellow in the mush.

It was at that point that I realized I'd strayed from the mission and forgotten about finding links to Nationals-related articles. I did a little better this time around. But since there aren't that many tonight either, we'll dispense with the usual formalities and sections and offer either literal descriptions of what you'll find when you click on each link or faux-witty quips that introduce the articles... links and lots of them, starting... RIGHT NOW!!!

• Message from the Nationals:

• "The Nats posted the letter to fans on the team's Web site Monday." - "Nats ownership: ‘Let’s celebrate this historic season knowing that the work is far from over’" - Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post

• Zuckerman continues counting down offseason storylines:

• "There’s nothing particularly wrong with the Nationals bullpen." - "Nationals offseason storyline No. 4: Bolster the bullpen?" - Mark Zuckerman, Nats Insider

• Harper Hitched?:

• "He proudly said he was in charge of designing the tuxedos. He dreamed out loud and we matched that..." - "Bryce Harper to marry Kayla Varner in January" - Norm Clarke, Las Vegas Review-Journal

• Still beating up on Dombrowski:

• "The Tigers traded quality right-handed starter Doug Fister to the Washington Nationals for the promising Ray in the offseason." - "Lobstein a solid choice for rotation or 'pen" - Bernie Pleskoff,

• How things went wrong articles:

[ed. note - "Two 'Ns', thanks."]: "The Washington Nationals had the best team in the National League. They had home-field advantage all the way through the playoffs. Heck, Jordan Zimmerman threw a no-hitter for the Nats in the final game of the regular season." - "Who had the worst week in Washington? Nationals Manager Matt Williams" - Chris Cillizza, West Hawaii Today

• "Sometimes you can want something almost too much. I’m sure many Washington baseball fans wanted their Nationals to make it to — and win — the World Series." - "Learning to lose" - Pablo Toledo,

• It was AT&T:

• "On Tuesday night at their home ballpark, the Washington Nationals, the National League’s winningest team of 2014 and seemingly headed for the World Series, lost their third game out of four to the San Francisco Giants and were blown out of contention." - "Web of woes put Washington in a funk" - Jules Witcover,

Jerry Blevins finished strong, starts offseason stronger (I bet he was seeing "Gone Girl"):

• "Thanks for not making it weird, Blevins." - "Did you see Jerry Blevins at the movies this weekend? He was next to that guy with a wonderful mustache" - Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post

• Jimmy Fallon, I expected more from you:

• "Here's some sports news. On Saturday, the San Francisco Giants beat the Nationals in Washington after 18 innings, in the longest postseason game in baseball history. Proving that even in sports, it takes FOREVER to get something done in Washington." - "Quotables from NBC's TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON" - BWWTVWorld

• Local News:

• "Racing President Abe strolling the streets, consoling disappointed Nationals fans." - "At Taste of D.C. Festival, A Chili-Eating Champion Reveals His Technique" - Josh Novikoff, DCist

• "If you listen to enough local sports talk radio, chances are you’ve heard callers chime in with 'curse' or 'jinx' more than a few times in the past two weeks." - "If there is a D.C. pro sports jinx, chances are it traces back to 1997" - Drew Hansen, Washington Business Journal

• Fedde Mention:

• "Despite having Tommy John surgery, Fedde was taken in the first round (18th overall) by the Washington Nationals." - "Fall practice fuels hope for UNLV baseball team" - Todd Dewey, Las Vegas Review-Journal

• Boz keeps it real:

• "There are horrible managerial decisions, like LaSorda letting Tom Neidenfuer pitch to Jack Clark in the '85 NLCS or Grady Little sticking with Pedro Martinez far too long. Those make you scream. Williams decisions just make you mutter." - "Ask Boswell: Redskins, Nationals and Washington sports" - Thomas Boswell, The Washington Post

• MASN's Kolko and Kerr on Span and Souza:

• "For perspective on the monetary part of picking up Span's option, consider the deals signed by Michael Bourn and Angel Pagan within the last couple of years." - "Nationals Pastime: Span's 2015 team option now looking like a bargain" - Dan Kolko,

• "The 25-year-old Souza can play in the outfield, third base and first base. He has played 249 games at third base, 117 games at first base and 246 in the outfield." - "Souza could provide spark to Nationals in 2015" - Byron Kerr,

• If you've made it this far, a reward, at least one possible trade partner if the Nats are after a second baseman:

• "The Nationals may look for a new face since Asdrubal Cabrera will be a free agent and Danny Espinosa hasn't been a definitive answer for the team..." - "MLB RUMORS: Chicago White Sox to Trade One of Their Young Second Basemen? Potential Suitors" - Thomas Carannante, Headlines & Global News


Phillies: "Given his team's place in a big market with a big payroll and big expectations, Rollins understands that last place is unacceptable." - "Fixing the Phillies, Part 1: Infield" - Ryan Lawrence, Philadelphia Daily News

• Nats had no problems hitting them out:

• "As expected, the Mets are going ahead with the plan to move in the right-center and right field fences, a team source confirmed Monday." - "Mets to move in fences at Citi Field, according to team source" - Kristie Ackert, NY Daily News

Marlins: "Atop the Marlins' offseason shopping list is a starting pitcher. The market will determine their options, but an ideal candidate would be a left-hander to offset a predominantly right-handed unit." - "Marlins eye in-house left-handers for rotation" - Joe Frisaro,

Braves: "Once just a fascinating story, Braves catcher Evan Gattis is now unquestionably a legitimate big league piece." - "Trade Candidate: Evan Gattis" - Jeff Todd, MLB Trade Rumors