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NLDS Game 3 WPA: Hope lives. Nats 4, SF 1

Fister was just what we needed, and Ramos sparked the clowniest of run-scoring bunt plays for the win.

DOUGIE FRESH!! (pictured)
DOUGIE FRESH!! (pictured)
Ezra Shaw

141006-3 WPA

Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Fresh: Doug Fister (+37.3%) battles some horrendous home plate umpiring to throw 7 scoreless innings with 3 strikeouts and 3 walks.
  • Unlikely stampede: Wilson Ramos (+19.0%) makes a two-strike sac bunt attempt that gets thrown away to score two and put the Nats ahead in the 7th (+23.0%).
  • 4 or more tools: Bryce Harper (+7.9%) is 2-3 with a critical rally-extending walk in the 7th (+9.1%) and a titanic solo bomb to RF to pad his stats in the ninth (+1.5%). He also made a couple of nice plays in the outfield.

Now is the time in the WPA post where we DANCE: