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Nationals' Game 4 lineup vs Giants: Gio Gonzalez in AT&T Park

The Washington Nationals have to win today to even the NLDS up and send the series back to the nation's capital. Can the Nats beat the San Francisco Giants again? Gio Gonzalez starts. Here's the Nationals' lineup...

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals won last night's game to keep their 2014 campaign alive, but Matt Williams, who's never looked too far ahead or behind over the course of his first season on the Nats' bench, told reporters afterwards that he and his team are fully aware that they just earned an opportunity to play again today.

"We find ourselves in the same position we were today. If we lose tomorrow, then it's all over. So you know, we're in the same spot." -Matt Williams after Nats' Game 3 win

"We find ourselves in the same position we were today," Williams said.

"If we lose tomorrow, then it's all over. So you know, we're in the same spot. You know, we've got an opportunity to win that game tomorrow. So we have to do things correctly like we did today. We have to play good defense. We have got to execute, if necessary. We know we have to score some runs if we're going to have a chance to do that. That's our objective and that's our mind‑set.

Giants' skipper Bruce Bochy was asked if he viewed today's game as a must-win, even though taking the first two games in the nation's capital guaranteed them another shot if they can't knock the Nats out tonight?

"I don't know how many times I've heard down the stretch in September must‑win and all that," Bochy said.

"That's why you play the game. We're fortunate we're not in that situation quite yet with our two wins there in Washington.

"But they are all important games. We know how good this club is we're playing, and you have to play your best ball to beat them. Today we didn't and we made a mistake that hurt us. But we'll come out and get after it tomorrow."

• Tonight's game starts at 9:00 PM EDT in AT&T Park. Here are the lineups:

Today's Lineups

Denard Span - CF Gregor Blanco - CF
Anthony Rendon - 3B Joe Panik - 2B
Jayson Werth - RF Buster Posey - C
Adam LaRoche - 1B Hunter Pence - RF
Ian Desmond - SS Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Bryce Harper - LF Brandon Belt - 1B
Wilson Ramos - C Brandon Crawford - SS
Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B Juan C. Perez - LF
Gio Gonzalez - LHP Ryan Vogelsong - RHP