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NLDS Game 4 WPA: Mistakes were made. Nats 2, SF 3

Bad pitching, bad fielding, bad hitting, worse umpiring. Not a great way to end the post-season.

We were all hoping right there with you.
We were all hoping right there with you.
Thearon W. Henderson

141007-4 WPA

Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Not helping yourself: Gio Gonzalez (-8.4%) gives up two runs, one walked in and both unearned--thanks to his own error(s). He goes 4 IP with 1 K and 1 BB. Not good enough.
  • Continued futility: Denard Span (-14.3%), Anthony Rendon (-11.0%), Adam LaRoche (-11.4%), Asdrubal Cabrera (-12.0%) and Wilson Ramos (-10.3%) combine to go 1-19 with 4 Ks.
  • One-man offense: Bryce Harper (+40.8%) doubles in a run in the 5th to get the Nats on the board (+16.3%) then blasts a solo bomb into McCovey Cove to tie it in the 7th (+22.1%).
  • In a bossy manner: Jerry Blevins (+10.3%) comes in to defuse a bases-loaded, two-out jam in the 5th then throws a 1-2-3 6th for a shtudown.
  • Ineffective: Matt Thornton (-6.0%) melts down in the 7th, allowing hits to both batters he faced to set up the go-behind run.
  • Slaten-esque: Aaron Barrett (-16.6%) is all possible fire-in-a-bad-way metaphors and similes, walking the bases loaded in the 7th then allowing the losing run on a WP (+13.6%) before getting an out on a play at the plate after a WP on an intentional ball.
  • Pitch it: Rafael Soriano (+6.3%) pretty much has the last laugh of the season, cleaning up Barrett's mess and pitching a clean aeyth to earn a shutdown.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by the long train ride home: