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Who put together the Nationals' "Best pitching performance of the year"?

Is there any chance someone can beat Jordan Zimmermann's regular season-ending no-hitter in the voting for the Washington Nationals' "Best pitching performance of the year"? It's your job to pick one that's better if you think you have one...

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The rumors about the Chicago Cubs trying to acquire Jordan Zimmermann, which were challenged by follow-up reports last night and today summarily dismissed by Washington Nationals' General Manager Mike Rizzo, distracted us from our plans to post the latest in our series of posts with which we'll choose the high and lowlights from the past season.

Voting for the "Funniest Moment" of the Nats' 2014 campaign, "Most Regrettable Moment", the "Best Defensive Play" and the "Most Important Hit" is already underway. There are links to those polls in the previous sentence and below.

"I shook him off once and I'm like, 'Are you sure you want to do this right now and make this mistake?'" -Jordan Zimmermann on working with Wilson Ramos

Voting for the awards is open until November 16th here at FBB.

Starting on November 17th, the winners in each category will be sent on to the writers at where an SB Nation/MLB committee will select 4-5 nominees for each category based on team site results and hold a nationwide vote for each on to determine the league-wide winners.

We will, of course, post those final polls on each of our individual sites and you can then vote again for the overall winners.

This time, we have to pick the nominees for the "Best pitching appearance of the Year" which is going to look weird on the statue that's handed out, cause it's kinda wordy.

Do we have to start by defining "pitching appearance"?

Is there a really impressive relief appearance you can remember that would somehow beat out one of the great starts made by the Nationals' starters this season?

Is there any way anyone can beat the no-hitter Zimmermann tossed in Game 162 of 162?

How about Tanner Roark's seven scoreless against the Braves in the division-clinching win?

Or Stephen Strasburg coming up big against the Braves down the stretch... in Atlanta  [gasp]?

Or maybe Doug Fister's eight scoreless vs the Braves in June? Or Fister's complete game vs the Marlins late this season?

Why are all my favorites wins over the Braves? But enough about my picks, it's your turn to pick your favorites.

You can do so in the comments and we'll put together a post with a poll tonight...

The other categories are: