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SB Nation MLB Awards 2014: Nationals' most regrettable moment of the season

It's awards season, and we're doing something a little different this time around in conjunction with the rest of the SB Nation's MLB sites. No.2?: What was the most regrettable moment of the Washington Nationals' 2014 campaign?

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2014 SB Nation MLB Awards:

The SB Nation's baseball sites are taking a different approach to awards season this time around, which spares me the stress of wondering if my MVP, Cy Young and ROY ballots will be completely different than the rest of the SB Nation's writers' ballots as I have in past seasons.

[ed. note - "For the most part in the past, my voting ended up being closer to the BBWAA writers' voting than the other SB Nation baseball writers' choices FWIW and IIRC."]

But instead of voting on the traditional awards this season, the decision was made to have each of our respective communities vote on the following categories:

The categories are:

  • Funniest moment - LINK - Current Leader: Dan Kolko + Frandsen: "There is no wrong pipe."
  • Most regrettable moment - TODAY!! Below...
  • Defensive play of the year - Nov. 7th
  • Most important hit of the year - Nov. 10th
  • Best pitching appearance of the year - Nov 12th [ed. note - "And seriously, if you vote for anything other than Jordan Zimmermann's no-hitter, I will ban you."]
  • Team of the year - Nov. 14th

After that, starting on November 17th, the winners in each category will be sent on to the writers at where an SB Nation/MLB committee will select 4-5 nominees for each category based on team site results and hold a nationwide vote for each on to determine the league-wide winners.

Today's voting will have us choose the "Most regrettable moment" of the Nationals' 2014 campaign. I'm not quite sure how to approach this one in terms of how one defines a "regrettable moment."

I'd assume most people would go directly to Matt Williams' postseason decisions:

Pulling Jordan Zimmermann with two out in the ninth inning of Game 2 of the NLDS?

Or the Nats' skipper's bullpen decisions in Game 4?

What about Williams' decision to pull Bryce Harper from a game early this season for not running out a grounder back to the mound, though that was reported without context so often and so widely that it's more annoying than anything else to most Nationals fans I know.

What "other" regrettable moments are there? How would you define it?

Bryce Harper giving his ideas for the lineup and leaving Denard Span out? That was regrettable, I guess, though Span did take off after that...

Everything I think of keeps going back to Matt Williams stories, like when he went off on local reporters over the internet-ty interpretations of what he said on a local radio show about the idea of sending Bryce Harper to the minors to figure things out offensively?

Williams later regretted his comments or at least the tone and apologized the next day... Does that count as a regrettable moment?

Is is regrettable that Ryan Zimmerman injured his hamstring in that game in Colorado and was thus unable to really contribute to the Nats' run this season?

How about the play on which Harper suffered a torn ligament in his thumb which caused him a whole lot of trouble throughout the 2014 campaign?

Please help with this one below. Please. Nominate a "regrettable moment" below and we'll add video where possible, add it to the poll and come up with more nominees for this one...