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Wire Taps: Nationals' 2B search continues, Dan Uggla's concussion, Nats' LHP depth

All the Washington Nationals links we could find, all in one place. We searched the internet for all the Nats links we could find and... didn't come up with too much. But it's that time of year. What we could find, it's all below...

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

So there was no second baseman under Washington Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo's Christmas tree. Any day now... There aren't too many links on the internets either. It's a slow time of year. Too many people are watching "The Wire" marathon apparently. I was conducting my own "Wire" marathon, rewatching the show for the first time since I watched it when it originally aired, before HBO started their own, but upon getting to the fourth season of the show and seeing "Dukie", I then remembered what was ahead for him [ed. note - "No spoilers."] and I had to stop. What were we talking about again? Oh, that's right Nats links. Don't expect much below. There aren't too many out there, but what we could find we put here, all in one place for you to peruse before you go back to your marathon viewing of "The Wire"...

So if no trade or FA, who's the Nationals' second baseman in 2015?:

• "As of now, the Nationals are short on in-house options at second base. For a brief moment, I thought they might give Wilmer Difo a shot at second..." - "Inbox: What are the Nationals' internal options at second?" - Bill Ladson,

More Zimmermann chatter... still?:

• "The Nats have strong ties to Boras and could make sense if they dealt ace Jordan Zimmermann, but that ultimately looks like a long shot." - "Nine possible spots for Max Scherzer: Star FA without a team, or a rumor" - Jon Heyman,

• "The Nationals can deal Jordan Zimmermann for a haul of prospects and then sign Scherzer." - "Despite losses, Orioles still perched on top in AL East" - Nick Cafardo, The Boston Globe

Someone just went all Davey Johnson! Don't they believe in jinxes? (ed. note - "Jinxes aren't real."):

• "'I mean, the Nats had a kind of a disappointing season this year,' [Susan] Page said. ' … But they will make it to the World Series next year, first time since 1933.'" - "Bob Woodward’s bold sports prediction for 2015: Dan Snyder will sell the Redskins" - The Washington Post

NATS BEAT: Significant moments, McLouth's role, LHPs in Nats' system

• "Zimmerman was playing in his 43rd game since returning from the thumb injury that night, and it was just the 17th game since Bryce Harper came back from his own thumb problem." - "Significant moment No. 4: Ryan Zimmerman tears his hamstring" - Chase Hughes, Nats Insider

• "In the weeks after the All-Star break, the Atlanta Braves started caving, while the Nats got healthy and catapulted to the top of the National League." - "Significant moment No. 3: Nats clinch NL East in Atlanta" - Chase Hughes, Nats Insider

• "Last year right around this time, the Nationals were penciling in the newly-signed Nate McLouth as their fourth outfielder, confident that he would be able to play all three outfield positions at a high level..." - "Nationals Pastime: What can be expected of McLouth in 2015?" - Dan Kolko,

• "Baseball America editor-in-chief John Manuel says Solis has been able to have a little more time to develop thanks to the pitching in front of him." - "Baseball America sees good left-handed depth in Nats' Solis, Rivero and Silvestre" - Byron Kerr,

Uggla concussion chatter:

• "Uggla is an extreme longshot to move the needle in Washington, but he serves as reasonable infield depth should general manager Mike Rizzo elect to trade Ian Desmond, which is heavily rumored." - "Dan Uggla and Heath Bell get another chance, sign with Nats" - Mark Townsend, Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

• "Nats fans have seen quite a bit of Uggla over the last handful of years while he was with the Braves. And most of it hasn't been great." - "Nationals Pastime: A bit more on the Uggla signing" - Dan Kolko,


• "Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo built a great baseball organization one brick at a time." - "Banner season for baseball in the Beltways" - Richard Justice,

• "Ten Stories From 2014" - Luke Erickson,

NL EAST UPDATES: Mets/Marlins take aim, Braves links, Hamels available, Fish bench:

Phillies: "The Phillies have explored the idea of trading Cole Hamels for a couple of months now, but nothing has been set in stone and no negotiations reached a point anyone would label as being close to a deal." - "Say hey, baseball: Cole Hamels is officially available to trade" - Marc Normandin,

Mets: "Now, those clubs are in retreat, in part because they recognize the gap between them and the current NL East alpha dog, the Nationals." - "Mets, Marlins are mirror images, but which can match Nationals?" - Joel Sherman, New York Post

Marlins: "Barring anything unforeseen, the Marlins' everyday lineup is pretty much set after a series of offseason moves that brought in three new regulars." - "Filling bench roles next on offseason agenda" - Joe Frisaro,

Braves: "The Boston Globe's Nick Carfado reports that doctors have confirmed that Uggla played through an undiagnosed concussion in 2014." - "Braves daily news digest 12/29: Did Dan Uggla play with a concussion in 2014?" - Kris Willis, Talking Chop