Federal Baseball Fantasy Baseball League: Call for Players!

Patrick Smith

Dear Friends,

Despite the lingering snow on the ground here in DC, the calendar has assured me that we are, in fact, in March. The Hot Stove rumor mill is dying; I have been in half a dozen or so arguments about whether we should sign Oliver Perez. Yeah, that well is pretty dry. In addition, various media reports have confirmed sightings of professional baseball being played in sporadic locations in the south and southwest. Taken together, these facts lead me to conclude that we are rapidly approaching that most special of annual festivals- Opening Day! And with the return of real baseball comes the return of fake baseball (I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to call this "fantasy baseball" but I'm pretty sure we got beat up together in elementary school). Anyway, last year we had a league. It was fun. I'd like to do it again.

I'm willing to be commissioner again, but I would really prefer to have one or two co-commissioners. Because it felt a little awkward last year trying to be both a participant and commissioner in a league with no real history and no in person discussion of rules not contemplated by Yahoo! What do you do when you have a manager attempting to hurt his own team?- etc. I'm also totally willing to let somebody else do the work.

But if we are going to have a league, we need to get going pretty quick so that we can schedule a draft before Opening Day. So, if you want to play, copy/paste the questionnaire in the responses below!

1. Head-to-Head, Roto, or both? (Last year we had H2H.)
2. What Stats? (Last year: hitters- OBP, R, HR, SB, and TB pitchers- K, WHIP, ERA, QS, SV+H)
3. Snake or Auction Draft? (Last year-Snake Draft)

Also, please email me with your SB Nation handle or post an email address here. My email is my handle at g mail.

Looking forward to it!

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